The Shed

The association has a large range of DIY, decorating and gardening equipment that can be borrowed at low-cost from our shed at the end of Victor Road. The current equipment and price list is below.

To hire any equipment please contact Bruce at 139 Victor Road

ITEM ADMINISTRATION FEE Per week / part of a week
Car ramps £1.00
Car roof rack £1.00
Decorating kits (including pasting table) £2.00
Dust Sheets£0.10
Garden roller (water filled) £1.00
Heat Gun Paint Stripper £2.50
Hedge Trimmer and Extension Lead £2.00
Ladder (step) Limit 15st. £0.50
Ladder (double) £1.75
Ladder (triple) £2.00
Ladder (roof) £1.75
Ladder (single Ali ladder) £1.25
Ladder (multi-function foldable) £1.75
Lawn-raker and Extension Lead £2.00
Metal Bath £0.40
Mower £1.00
Paste Table £1.00
Paint roller £1.00
Removal Trolley £1.00
Saw Horse £0.50
Scaffold Boards £0.50
Scaffold Tower System (Bantam) £3.00
Shovel £1.00
Slate Ripper £0.50
Step Ladder (small) £0.75
Step Ladder (large) £1.00
Wallpaper Stripper £2.50
Wheelbarrow £0.75
Wood Chopper £0.50
ITEMS FOR SALE Slates £0.50

If you have any gardening equipment you would like to donate please let Bruce know, rather than leaving it outside the shed.