Solar PV

We live in a conservation area so, at present, there are limits on harvesting solar energy falling on the house roof compared with our neighbours outside the area.
However, Welsh Slate style PV is acceptable in a conservation area. See the GB-Sol website for more technical information.
The tiles are manufactured in panels of 4 tiles lengthways. They can just be made out on the house in the image below.
The advantage of replacing slate tiles with solar tiles is that they are generally lighter than the tiles you replace.

Fitting conventional panels increases the load on the roof structure and could need additional support in some cottages.
The downside is that the slate ’tiles’ are not yet as efficient as conventional panels and the whole project can cost twice that of
a conventional panel installation.
They do look nice though.

If you’re not thinking of re-roofing, all is not lost. If you have a rear extension, garden room or shed it is possible to install
panels that do not spoil the street view, and link them to your house. You can even legally do it yourself provided you follow the rules and advice from experts like Plugin Solar .
Of course if you’re in any doubt get an electrician to do the work. At 142 we have two 350 watt panels on a flat roof.
On a sunny day we are running the dishwasher, washing machine, 2 backup servers, fridge, freezer and we still give away unused electricity.
On a less sunny day we can do the wash overnight with Octopus Go rates.

You are welcome to come and see how it was done.

There are other renewable technologies available, in particular solar thermal, heat pumps, and combined Heat and power systems. These will dealt with at another time.