Murder Mysteries

The “Porcupine Players” (a group of residents and their friends) have staged a few murder mysteries over the years.

  • Percy Pickles and the Mystery of the Missing Cucumber

    “Percy Pickles and the Mystery of the Missing Cucumber” is an original Victorian whodunnit written to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Alexandra Cottages, and performed on Saturday 8th October 2016 at Holy Trinity Church Hall.

    Most of the characters and their professions were taken from the 1871 census, but of course the story – centred on the theft of a prized cucumber – was entirely made up.

    If you missed it and you’d like to see what it is about, or if you came along and would like to see it again, you have your chance: watch the videos below!

  • Lucille’s Sea-side Spot Of Bother – The Butler did it!

    Our second light-hearted Murder Mystery on Saturday 8th January 2011 was a great success!
    About 120 residents and guests filled the church hall to watch the latest antics of Lady Bountiful and her friends and enemies in “”Lucille’s Seaside Spot Of Bother”.

    Unfortunately this time is was poor Mr Pablo Bizarro and his wife Mrs Lucille Bizarro née Grosvenor that came to a sticky end. Or did they? (The Butler might have got it wrong).

    The Murder Mystery was set at a seaside hotel during the Second World War and featured a show within the show, which gave the audience the opportunity to sing along to some favourite wartime tunes and watch some magic being performed!

    Many thanks to Miranda for the lovely photos of our second Murder Mystery play.

    Dress Rehearsal:


  • Lady Bountiful’s Drawing Room Drama

    On Saturday 2nd January 2010 a number of residents starred in “Lady Bountiful’s Drawing Room Drama” Murder Mystery.

    The event was well attended by about 100 residents and friends who tried to solve the mystery

    The afternoon started with the projection of the video introductions to each character, followed by a live play in which – as expected! – a murder took place.

    The inspector then proceeded to interrogate all the characters:

    The audience was asked to guess the murderer by playing with the clues set out as a logic puzzle, while enjoying mulled wine, mince pies and cake slices:

    The explanation – aided by a Powerpoint presentation – left many shocked faces, including the murderer and the entire cast! (the solution had been kept under wraps)

    Congratulation to Ellie, Victor Road who was the only person that didn’t fall in the trap and correctly guessed the culprit!
    She won a murder mystery game.

    Many thanks to the wonderful and talented cast: Peter and Samira, Rita and James, Neil and Carrie, Anna and Joel (all from Albert Road); David from Victor Road and to two non-residents: Sharon from Parish Lane and David from… Cardiff!

    A big thank you also to Adrian (organiser and props), Lynne (filming), Miranda (filming and editing), Jackie (refreshments), Martin (raffle), Franco (plot and play).

    We are very grateful for the Grassroots and Capital Community Foundation Grants which subsidised the event.