Here is the current committee:

• Adrian Rotheray, Victor Road

• Barbara Winter (Social Events Coordinator), Albert Road

• Chris Purcell, Edward Road

• Debbie Taylor-Russell (Secretary), Albert Road

• Dominic Rathbone (Shed Coordinator), Victor Road

• Graham Taylor-Russell (Chair), Albert Road

• Jenny Czezowski, Victor Road

• Linda Power, Victor Road

• Neil Coe (Vice-chair; Conservation and planning matters), Edward Road


The Road Representatives are:

• Barbara Winter: Albert Road
• Chris Purcell: Edward Road / Hardings Lane
• Dominic Rathbone: Victor Road
• Linda Power: Princes Road
• Neil Coe: Edward Road

Other ARA members with specific roles are:

• Bruce Tozer (Shed Coordinator), Victor Road

We are looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

• Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator
• Treasurer