Open Gardens

Every couple of years (or so), a number of our members open their gardens to neighbours and their friends for the afternoon.
It is always a very popular social event and a lovely way of spending a Sunday afternoon.

  • Open Gardens 2022 – The photos

    The ever-popular biennial Open Gardens event made a come back on Sunday 10th July 2022, a year later than planned due to the pandemic. 12 gardens were open.
    Many thanks for Barbara, Albert Road and Peter, Parish Lane for the pictures.

  • Open Gardens 2019

    Thank you to all who opened their gardens on Sunday 2nd June 2019. A record 16 gardens were open to residents and their friends, and the event was concluded by a “bring and share” buffet at the Alexandra Nurseries.
    Thank you to Adrian, Victor Road for the photos.

  • Open Gardens 2017 – Thank yous and the photos

    Open Gardens on Sunday 25th June 2017 was a great success: 20 residents – an unprecedented number – opened their gardens (half of them on Victor Road) and it was also possible to have a look at the communal shed, tidied up by some volunteers.
    Ticket sales raised £160, the Name the Bear competition and card sales £28, Anna and Margaret £41 with the sale of their jam/plants.
    All of this will go to a local charity: St. Christopher’s Hospice.

    Many thanks for Diane, Adrian, Susie (who ran the children’s activities), Barbara (who took Beatrice the teddy bear round the gardens), Jane (who inspected some of the gardens as Gertrude Jekyll) and Franco for organising the event, to Steve of Victor Road for printing the flyers, to John at the Alexandra Nurseries for very kindly hosting the “bring & share” event that ended the day.
    And, of course, a huge thank you to all the residents who opened their gardens and showcased their skills and passion. And to all of you who bought tickets and visited.

    If you missed the event or some of the gardens, you can have a look at the pictures below:

  • Open Gardens 2015 – The photos

    A big thank you to Diane and Adrian for organising the event, to John at the Alexandra Nurseries for hosting the get-together in the evening and for judging the competitions with Colin, and to everyone who helped.

    And of course to all of you who opened their gardens (13 this year) or supported the event by purchasing tickets and visiting the gardens.
    Even the weather managed to stay dry for the afternoon!

  • Open Gardens 2013

    A big thank-you to all the residents who opened their gardens yesterday and to all those who purchased tickets.
    We sold 29 tickets making £87 for ARA. 17 tickets were given free to those who opened their gardens.

    The raffle was rather slow but in the end made £37 for the Living Well/Food Bank projects at Holy Trinity Church.

    Many thanks to Matthew, Edward Road for the lovely pictures:

  • Open Gardens 2011

    In spite of the heavy rain, the Open Gardens event was a success!

    Here are some pictures of the 17 gardens that were open to residents and their friends.

  • Open Gardens 2009

    (video by Lynne, Edward Rd)

    In 2009 the Open Gardens event raised money for two charities

    These are the letters of thanks from the 2 associations that received £50 each, raised at the Open Gardens event:

  • Open Gardens 2004

    (video by Andy, Victor Rd.)

    In fondest memory of Liz Bradford, late of Victor Road , who loved her dogs and garden. She loved life and her untimely death in 2008 was a loss to all her friends.