The Alexandra Residents Association is committed to the protection, conservation and enhancement of our conservation area but we appreciate that planning policies and controls are complex with varying requirements applying to the front, side and rear of the properties and according to the orientation towards the road or alleyway.

We strongly recommend that the latest advice be sought from the Council or a specialist surveyor or architect before commencing any changes to your house and garden.

Where planning permission is necessary, the policies set out in detail in the Supplementary Planning Guidance for Alexandra Cottages Conservation Area are generally followed in deciding applications.

Download the document (PDF format)

(Note: PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader; if you do not have it, you can download it here, free of charge).


Planning Notes

If you have any examples of successful planning applications and/or notes, information and tips which you think may be useful to other residents when dealing with planning red tape, please send them on to us and we will put them on here.

It is always useful to share information as planning policies and their application often are not clear.

These are the notes that have been shared with us so far:

  • Front door replacement and external decorations, submitted by Alex and Lovell, Albert Road
  1. Application
  2. Design Access Statement
  3. Map