Architectural Handbook

The Architectural Handbook and Conservation Guide, which was written by Neil Coe a few years ago, is now available in digital format.

It contains a wealth of information on the history of the estate and the architectural features of the cottages, which is most useful when planning alterations.

It is divided in 3 rather large files, so please be patient when downloading them!

It is kindly requested that the historic photographs and maps are not reproduced, and please note that the book was written many years ago and some the conservation concerns have lessened, with the Article 4 protection and changing attitudes leading to more recent enhancements in conservation and to the appearance of the estate.

Please click on the icon or the title to open the documents.

ARA Architectural Guide 1
ARA Architectural Guide 2
ARA Architectural Guide 3

Note: a few pages in one of the PDF documents are upside down. Please use Shift + Ctrl + Plus to rotate them (if you use Adobe Reader).